Our Motto and Goal

  • Partner toward your Future – We position ourselves to be with you all time to support your legal, accounting, and company secretarial services.

Company Registration Services

  • To register a company, you need to have a name, your business objective, a director, and 3 shareholders with majority of Thai (more than 51%) is preferred to avoid the Foreign Business License.
  • Our starting price to register a company is 15,000 thb exclude government fee.
  • The process when we get all your documents, it take only 14 day to finish the registration.
  • For more information click see our article here:

Business License acquiring Service

  • Some business required you to obtain a license before starting the businesses, we happy to assist you to obtain the following license;
    • License related to your business structure
      • Foreign Business License (FBL)
    • License related to your business sector
      • Food Storage and Distribution License
      • Alcohol License
      • FDA
      • Recruitment License
      • Tour License
  • Our starting fee is 15,000 thb per license exclude government fee.
  • The time frame is depend on type of license you wish to acquired.
  • For more information click:

Representative Office registraion

  • When you want to have 100% foreign ownership, you can registered as Representative Office which grant you previllage in Visa and Work permit but you cannot trade under Rep office name.
  • Our starting fee is 50,000 thb exclude government fee.

Copyrights notification and Trademark registration

  • When you want to protect your intellectual property, we have service to notify your copyrights and register your trademark.
  • The starting price for copyrights notification is 15,000 thb and starting at 20,000 thb for trademark registration.

Legal Services

  • Labour Dispute and Employment – To employ an employee in Thailand, there are many condition to meet, we happy to make your work rule, negotiate with employees, and solve any dispute you face. The price can be discussed when we got you case.
  • Contract Drafting and Review – To start a business, a contract is the most powerful tool to protect you, we provide this service to you by draft and review any kind of contract you wish to have. The fee start at 15,000 thb per one contract.
  • Notary Services – We provide notarial service to any person who need to use your document in oversea but signed in Thailand. Our starting price is 3000 thb per page.
  • Legal Opinion and Research – We can be your assistant to give a opinion to you in every aspect of the legal matter. We charged 3,000 thb per hour.
  • Last will and Administrator – We can make your inheritance plan by draft your last will as well as proceed at the court to appoint or being administrator to manage your asset.


  • When you want to claim any compensation at the court or being file a lawsuit at the court, we can be your representative to protect your rights at any matter and everywhere in Thailand.

Visa and Work Permit

  • We happy to assist you to get Non-B Visa and Work permit that allow you to work in Thailand.
  • We also willing to provide Non-O and retirement Visa that allow you to live in Thailand.

Want to have all services at one?

We offer a subscription package at 10,000 thb per month for a new set up company and

Starting at 20,000 thb per month for a company age more than 2 years

With this package you can access to our service without any limitation.

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