Legal Services

  • Labour Dispute and Employment – in Thailand, there are many law specify how you have to deal with your employees which you have to follow. We can be your consultant of this matter. However, if you face labour dispute, we can be your representative to solve the matter.
  • Contract Drafting and Review – When you want to conclude a business agreement, you would better have someone to review or draft an unique agreement for you.
  • Notary Services – When you have to use your document aboard which they required to have your signature notarize, we are glad to provide this service for you.
  • Legal Opinion and Research – In case you are not sure that your business plan is in accordance with Thai law or not, we are happy to give you an opinion or a second opinion.
  • Property acquisition – as a foreigner you cannot buy a land in Thailand but if you wish to buy any property, we can advise.
  • Due Diligence – Before you do any business acquisition or land acquisition, you would better do a due diligence report, we can do the report and give an opinion for you to consider.

Company Registration

  • In Thailand, there are many kind of business structure but the most common one is ‘a Company Limited’.
  • To register a company is very simple, you need to have a name, your business objective, a director, and 3 shareholders with majority of Thai (more than 51%) is preferred to avoid the Foreign Business License.
  • If you have problem of finding a business partner, we can a good solution for you.
  • When you have everything, we will prepare the application and wait for your signature.
  • After get your signature, only 1 businesses day required to register the company. Then, you will fully have a business unit in Thailand.

Business License in Thailand

  • There are many business license in Thailand depended on which business sector you are and which business structure you choose.
  • The license can be illustrated as followed;
    • License related to your business structure
      • Foreign Business License (FBL) – When you want to have 100% foreigner own shared, you have to get FBL from Department of Business Development (DBD) except in some business i.e. manufacturing or export/import is exception from FBL.
      • BOI – When you have a big investment in specific business sector, you can proceed to get BOI promotion which glad your benefit in term of number of foreigner you hired and tax that you have to pay.
    • License related to your business sector
      • Food Storage and Distribution License – this license required when you want to open a restaurant or cafe that cook and sell food to customer.
      • Alcohol License – this license required when you want to sell any alcohol beverage to your customer at the restaurants.
      • Factory License – to operate as a manufacturing business, you have to get factory license to make sure that you meet every safety and environmental standard.
      • FDA – When it related to Food, Medical device, Cosmetic, and Drug, you have to get FDA license before operate your business.
      • Recruitment License – When you want to do a recruitment business, you have to get the license which required Thai director.
      • Tour License – To operate in tourism business, you required to have a license with you need to have Thai director and Thai guide.