Labor Law Consultation

When you start to hire a new employee, labor law is the most law that you need to be aware of. The law is different in each country, it would be wise, if you can find a legal partner who can give you a consultation to follow the labor law and avoid any conflict.

Licentia Law expertise in labor law in side of employee and employer, you can drop by and ask us what you want to solve.

Modify structure of the company

When running a company, most usually action is to modify your company registration information or structure. Licentia Law provide services to modify the company’s structure as below;

  • Registering a change in the company’s shareholding structure.
  • Registering a change in the company’s board of directors.
  • Registering a change in the company’s registered address, name, and corporate seal.
  • Registering a change in the company’s registered capital.
  • Registering a change in the company’s business objectives.
  • Registering a change in the company article of association

How to proceed

  • When you decided to modify and contact us, we will provide you with a list of documents and procedure. We will manage to make everything done until you get what you want.

BOI certificate

Board of Investment (BOI) provide benefit to Thai and Foreign companies to promote investment and technology in Thailand. When you company meet with criteria from the BOI, the company can apply to get the certificate.

What we need?

When you wishes to apply for BOI, below are essential information we need

  • Your Business Information
  • Your Business Plan
  • Your Investment Plan
  • Your Employment information

Working Process

  • Source your business information
  • Provide you a legal opinion on BOI possibility
  • Register your company when the company does not exist
  • Starting you BOI application process
  • Lisle with Officer
  • Receive your Certificate

If you are unsure what legal entity you should set up in Thailand, please do not hesitate to contact us.