Personal Income Tax in Thailand

Under Thai Revenue code, a personal who live in Thailand more than 180 days or receive income from Thailand required to declare a tax return called PND90 or PND91 to the Revenue Department. For foreigners who worked in Thailand, it is always require submitting PND90 or PND91 because it is the required documents to forContinue reading “Personal Income Tax in Thailand”

Personal Tax Consultation

Personal Income Tax is one of the most confusing taxation to all persons, especially those who has more than 1 source of income. Revenue Code of Thailand explain brief information of the personal tax; type, rate, and process. However, when it comes to the time that you need to submit your tax return, a consultationContinue reading “Personal Tax Consultation”

Notary Services

Notary Public are the ones officiating to authenticate and act as witnesses. In Thailand, Notarial Services Attorney who accredited by the Thai Lawyers Council of Thailand are carrying out those functions. Our offers is to take oaths and affirmations, witness signatures and attest identity of people signing documents. All documents can be used abroad orContinue reading “Notary Services”