Foreign Business License

When forefingers want to start business in Thailand with 100% of foreign ownership, it is restrict by law unless you apply for a Foreign Business License (FBL)

The license provide you opportunity to own your business and operate as you wish, however, you have to meet requirements of the government office first. You can see the basin information as bellow.

General Criteria

  • Advance Technology – FBL provides the license to a company who own an advance technology.
  • Businesses and Financial Plan
  • Employment Plan
  • Technology Transferred Plan


Some types of business or operation no need to meet the above requirement, if you meet specific law and guidelines of the government office. Please contact us for more detial.

Work Process

  • Gathering your business information
  • Apply for FBL application
  • Liaise with the client and the officers for more information
  • Receive your license

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