Business (Non-b) Visa

Business (Non-b) Visa

Generally, it has 3 main steps need to be done which are

Step 1. Obtain a non-b visa from overseas

Step 2. Get work permit inside Thailand

Step 3. Get 1 year extension visa

Step 1. Obtain a non-b visa from overseas

               To obtain a business (Non-B) visa, the foreigner must have an employer in Thailand*. Your employer must meet the criteria as below

  • The company has 2 million paid up capital.
  • The company hired 4 Thai employees to hire 1 foreigner.
  • The company earned twice more than the foreigner’s salary.
  • The foreigner’s salary meets the minimum income regulation.
  • The company register in VAT system.

With the above qualification, the employer be able to provide an invitation letter to get a Non-B visa with validity of 90 days to enter Thailand.

*If your employer is not a Thai Company, ATA can sponsor your visa and work permit visa.

Step 2. Get work permit inside Thailand

When the foreigner enters Thailand, it is required to get the work permit book to prove your employment, most of the process can be done by ATA staff but it is required your signature and present to the labor department when everything done.

Step 3. Get your visa extension

               When the foreigner lives in Thailand more than 45 days, the foreigner is be able to get 1 year visa by extend the current visa of the foreigner. At this stage, the employer must well prepare the company documents related to their existent and employment to the immigration officer. ATA always recommend preparing the documents at the beginning of enter Thailand to avoid any mistake. This process always required yourself to present at immigration office along with our team. The extension, generally 1 year grant and you have to extend before it expired.

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